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So if I understand it correctly, using and vaping EJmix is perfectly safe?

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NO! The only perfectly safe substance to inhale regularly is fresh air :)

There are no studies on the long term effects of inhaled glycols as e-cigs and vaporizers are relatively new, and certainly if you don't currently smoke or vaporize we DO NOT encourage that you start. If however, you are a smoker or vaporizer-user looking for a safe, trusted glycol mix for your vapor needs, then EJmix is your best fit. You will find we have taken every effort to ensure the EJmix is of the highest quality, transparent in its make up, and contains only medical grade glycols with extensive clinical records of safe human use. It is without question a harm reduction alternative to smoking, and it is without question safer than any eliquid that does not detail every ingredient used in its formula or that is foreign produced.

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