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I've heard in some places that the EJmix can have a plastic taste, is that true?

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We've found during taste trials that about 5%-10% of new users react very negatively to the taste of glycols. If you already vape e-cigs or if you are familiar with PG liquids, a negative reaction is much less likely, though there is still an "acquired taste" window of a few days.

The truth is whether we are taste testing diet soda or vanilla flavoring, there is always a percentage of the population with taste buds wired to experience some things differently from the majority. If you are experiencing an odd taste, give yourself a few days to let your taste buds adapt.  After all, few people like the taste of beer, or smoking, the first time around - it could just mean glycols will be an acquired taste for you.

Most importantly, if you experience any type of allergic reaction at all, stop all use immediately.

We are excited to soon share our new line-up of EJmix flavors - we've been working diligently to bring you something fresh, something fruity and something sweet... Stay tuned!

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