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What is Propylene Glycol or PG? I know pretty much every e-liquid uses it, including EJmix, but what is it again?

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Propylene Glycol is a thick organic liquid with almost no toxicity and the ability to mix and blend with a wide range of organic solvents. Metabolically, PG breaks down into pyruvic acid, acetic acid and lactic acid which are all naturally occurring, and a part of normal metabolic processes. It has been extensively studied and found that even large oral doses over the long term in animals produced no harmful effects. As a result, the FDA classifies it as "generally recognized as safe" for use as a direct food additive in frozen desserts and ice creams. PG is used in hundreds of foods, medicines and alcoholic beverages; it is the vapor-causing agent in concert smoke machines; and is the most widely used e-liquid base along with vegetable glycerin (VG).

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So if I understand it correctly, using and vaping EJmix is perfectly safe?

NO! The only perfectly safe substance to inhale regularly is fresh air :)There are no studies on the long term effects of inhaled glycols as e-cigs and vaporizers are relatively new, and certainly if you don't currently smoke or vaporize we DO NOT encourage that you start. If however, you are a smoker or vaporizer-user [...]

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I've heard in some places that the EJmix can have a plastic taste, is that true?

We've found during taste trials that about 5%-10% of new users react very negatively to the taste of glycols. If you already vape e-cigs or if you are familiar with PG liquids, a negative reaction is much less likely, though there is still an "acquired taste" window of a few days.The truth is whether we [...]

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I'm still skeptical: what are PEGs used for?

The reason we chose PEGs to complement PG, is that PEGs have amazing properties: they are non-toxic, inert (non-reactive with other chemicals), odorless, colorless, soluble in many organic solvents, nonirritating and do not evaporate easily.These characteristics of PEGs make them excellent materials for use in the pharmaceutical industry. PEGs are used as lubricants and are [...]

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Rushing Greens

In the Pacific Northwest, there are forests cocooned in mosses. There are ferns within the moss; the dark matte leaves stark against the green mustard fuzz. Lichens against rock, grey lime flakes digesting stone, black wet boughs fallen and giving life for having fallen; pale cream fungi, and this being cruel March, a lilac petal like [...]

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Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin, Live 1987 Freiburg

John McLaughlin This concert is one of those absolute lost gems. A bit of background: John McLaughlin is an English jazz/fusion/world guitarist who is an absolute titan in guitar and modern music in general through the second half of the twentieth century. Born to a family of musicians, he took to the guitar at age [...]

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Mr. Chamomile

He drank chamomile most nights, stronger than seemed sane, 4-5 bags steeped until the water left nearly black. He said it cured him of bad dreams, took it plain and drank it quickly, and I drank him in in turn, his hair and face as fragrant as petals, and I would suck the taste of tea from [...]

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Nights in White Jasmine

It was an electric summer night when I had my first kiss. I walked her home and when I stopped to say goodnight, she didn’t give me a chance; like a spring into my arms, lips pressed hard against mine, the jasmine hedge behind me, we fell into it like a daydream or a fever, and [...]

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Herbal Morning

Oh my, it’s morning again, February grey when the sky is a bowl of ashes... The dry cold morning air, lips cracked, the tragedy of leaving the bed, how did it ever get to this? What have we done wrong to put ourselves through these daily funeral processions… When the morning is dead, the day [...]

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The Mystery of Gorthon

I cannot write an extensive an exposition of the background, history and context of this piece, because you see, no one knows that much about it. What is known is that Robert Taylor is a starkly unique finger style guitarist and composer, who released an album in 2004 called “Tetraspace” and another album, “Rabid Petting [...]

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