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Help & FAQ


What are the ingredients of EJmix?

PG - Propylene glycol. A glycol is any of a class of organic chemicals characterized by having two separate hydroxyl (-OH) groups, which contribute to high water solubility, hygroscopicity and reactivity with many organic compounds, on usually linear and aliphatic carbon chains. The general formula is CnH2n(OH)2 or (CH2)n(OH)2. Propylene glycol is described as "generally recognized as safe for use in food, cosmetics, and medicines" by the FDA. Propylene glycol USP grade is used as a non-toxic antifreeze in breweries and dairies (soft serve ice cream). It is used as a humectant in foods and cosmetics. It is used as a solvent for coloring or flavoring agents as well as in many oral, injectable or topical pharmaceuticals. Its antibacterial property is applied in the preparation of sanitizing lotions.

PEG - Polyethylene glycol is a condensation polymer of ethylene oxide and water with the general formula H(OCH2CH2)nOH, where n is the average number of repeating oxyethylene groups typically from 4 to about 180. The abbreviation (PEG) is termed in combination with a numeric suffix which indicates the average molecular weights. Polyethylene glycol is non-toxic, odorless, neutral, lubricating, nonvolatile and nonirritating and is used in a variety of pharmaceuticals and in medications as a solvent, dispensing agent, ointment and suppository bases, vehicle, and tablet excipient. EJmix contains a proprietary blend of PEG 400, 300 and 200 for the ideal molecule weight.

Vaporization Basics

How much more efficient is vaporization than smoking?

When you smoke, only a small percentage of the smoke inhaled contains the flavors and essences you desire, while everything else is tars and junk. If instead you extract the oils from your herbal material, you can isolate all its flavors and essences and discard the rest. This concentrated extract is then blended with EJmix. The resulting solution is ready to be vaporized and savored drop by drop. The extract can always be diluted if you prefer.

How does the experience of a vaporizer compare to that of smoke?

The most significant difference is that there is no smoke. When herbal material is burned, thousands of combustion byproducts are produced. Vaporizers uses electric heat to boil and vaporize a solution of EJmix and herbal essences, and the resulting cloud is much closer to fog than to smoke. Smokers who are not already used to vaporizers are often struck by how smooth and flavorful the vapor is, although it may take a few minutes until they feel the effects they generally associate with smoking.

Is the smell really so light I can use it in public?

Vaporizer use is generally permitted and tolerated in public places. Please understand that if you’ve extracted raw herbs you’ve created and will be vaporizing a perfume – which will be noticed. If you’ve toasted your herbs beforehand, then flavors will be intensified and aromas muted, such that there may be little to no smell at all. Know the laws concerning vaporizers in your area and always be polite if someone tells you “there’s no smoking here.”

Herbal Enjoyment

What types of products can be created with herbal essences?

Concrete, Electric Juice, Absolutes, Tinctures, Perfumes, Body Oil and Infusions can all be created with herbal essences:

Extract Alone = Concrete

Concrete refers to the end result of herbal extraction once the solvent used is removed. It is a thick waxy substance that includes a broad range of non-polar herbal compounds:  from light aromatic molecules, to our target herbal essences, to heavier plant fats and waxes. It is the waxes, which are solid at room temperatures, that give “concrete” its name.

Extract + EJmix = Electric Juice

The next frontier in the world of personal vaporizers is the ability to make your own liquids from raw herbal materials. EJmix, our proprietary blend of propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol mix (PEG 400, PEG300 and PEG200) acts as the base and all the rest comes directly from your herbal material of choice.

Extract + Alcohol = Tinctures / Perfume

Herbal Extract dissolved in alcohol is a tincture. It can be poured into water and drunk as a liquor as with absinthe, or used in food preparation. If fresh flowers or fragrant herbs are extracted, then the addition of alcohol creates an exceptional - if rudimentary - perfume.

Extract + Coconut Oil = Body Oil

The herbal extract will readily dissolve into coconut oil or other massage oils for a natural skin rub unlike any other.

Extract + Olive Oil = Infusion

Herbal extract readily dissolves into olive oil or other vegetable oils for an infused culinary ingredient sure to blow away those who experience it.

Winterized Extract + EJmix = Virgin Electric Juice

Winterizing is a process recommended for advanced users who want to pursue a greater level of purity in their extracts. Winterizing dissolves the extract in grain alcohol and the mixture is then chilled for several hours. This will cause the waxes in the extract to solidify into flakes and chunks, which are then filtered out leaving behind an ever purer and cleaner extract. Once blended with EJmix the extract becomes Virgin Electric Juice.