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EJmix 50ml - Suspension Liquid for Herbal Aromatherapy

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Product Description




Spices spices everywhere, and not a single herb to vape? End the drought with EJmix: give your prize extracts, waxes, oils, tinctures and bitters a second life as an artisan Ejuice.

Unsatisfied with artificial juices and distrustful of foreign sourced glycols, due to concerns over contaminants, EJmix was created to bridge the span between herbal essences and ejuice. Our special blend of propylene glycol and PEG400, PEG300, and PEG200 for suspending raw herbal extracts for vaporization. All medical grade glycols are 100% sourced and bottled in the USA to provide our customers with the highest possible quality.

EJmix is unique in being a universal base for both water and oil soluble herbal essences. From the vanilla bourbon extract at the supermarket to thick aromatic waxes, EJmix will produce a stable and smooth flowing Ejuice consistently and reliably.

  • Just 10 seconds with a microwave
  • Works across a wide temperature range, keeps your liquid flowing even in cold weather

Create thick concentrated juices for intense hard hitting vapors.

Create smooth, dilute mixes for all day long tank use.

It has never been easier or faster to create your own ejuice from easy to find herbal essences.

"One juice was too thick... one juice was too thin... the juice that was just right, was the one I made with EJmix."

Product Reviews

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  1. Five Stars

    Posted by Rob Munger on May 6th 2016

    works great

  2. Five Stars

    Posted by Robert Golden on May 6th 2016


  3. It works

    Posted by Neil Smith "Nelsonedit" on May 6th 2016

    Just the job, worked exactly as described.

  4. Five Stars

    Posted by Chris on May 6th 2016

    Finally a product that works...

  5. Wish it was a little sweeter.

    Posted by ben on May 6th 2016

    Seems to be a good mix. A little throaty than I like. Wish it was a little sweeter.

  6. Five Stars

    Posted by Sean Michael Duggan on May 6th 2016

    Like a charm! Just to easy!

  7. This is the Shiznit.....

    Posted by NPGape on May 6th 2016

    Opened up a whole a new world making my own vape oil,reducing my costs tremendously. I use flavors in 50/50 mix as EJ has slight plastic taste by itself.....But it's my base of chouce, and if making your own oil, it should be yours.....

  8. Taste no-so-good

    Posted by RickNsrb on May 6th 2016

    In an attempt to lessen the strength of each hit I used more EJmix, the taste was aweful. If I hadn't invested $100 in product, I would have thrown it away,the taste was that bad. It was my first time using it to thin wax to use in an eCigarette. Next I will not use so much and see if it will taste better. Please provide any feedback as to how I can non-chemically have the mix taste better.

  9. Buy It

    Posted by Cory on May 6th 2016

    Stuff is legit, i swore up and down in my head it wouldnt work while it was in route to me, if your reading this wondering if you should buy this, do it, just do it and and come read the rest of my review after you've ordered it.
    Ok,so i got it today and in my 1st test run I did small amount cuz i didn't believe it would work,even after reading a s***ton of reviews praising the stuff,and now seeing what it can do, my plan of trying the other kinds is kinda out the window.I may venture out eventually but this ejmix has sold me on the "technology" so back to the 1st test. i put .6g chunk of LA confidential crumble wax(pretty yellow/gold solid color (not transparent)dry(not gooey))into a clean clear shot glass and added 18 drops of ejmix (about .5ml) and placed that in small bowl with steaming hot water in it and began to mix it with the needle tip of some needles I also ordered from amazon (10pk of 1ml for 7.99) to transfer from mixing cup to cartridges(also ordered from amazon,25 1ml for 49.99)...at first the mix wasn't taking place as it looked like the wax was not hot enough so I placed the ceramic bowl I was using on a hot plate set on low and continued to mix. I must ha e been just under the temp I needed because within minutes I had a clear yellowish/god completely transparent 1:1 mixture that transported to cartridge easily, tastes delicious with no taste other than my wax,was beyond simple,takes about 5 10 minutes from start to vape.i also ordered a 30ml(2.99) and 50ml(3.99)beaker from amazon for future mixing at larger quantities
    Side note: I didn't buy all those carts to sell em, those carts just don't last thru more than about 1tank(the ones like oPen company uses)

  10. Five Stars

    Posted by Daniel Medina on May 5th 2016

    Works great

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